Rose Apple Pie

The other night we had the First Annual Great Pie Challenge. We had 11 pie’s to judge, based on Appearance, Aroma, Pastry, Taste, Filling, and Texture. Was such a fun night.

Rose Apple Pie

I used a pastry from a Nigella Lawson recipe in ‘Nigella Bites’.
Make sure you blind bake the pastry.

Use 5 tart red apples. You will need to cut the apple in half and then into thin (1.5mm) slices, and gently stew until soft with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and some sugar.


Once the apples are soft, allow to cool. Then role the apple slices (starting with the smaller ones) then place the apples (once they are about 5cm wide) in the pie base, starting with the outside and working your way in.

Bake at 180˚C until warmed through, then dust with sugar and place under the grill (or use a blow torch) to brown the top(this brings out the red in the apple skin).

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