Pavlova Stack

Pavlova Stack

For Christmas every year it’s my job to bring the Pavlova, and I like to think a little Australian Flair to a US Christmas.

This year I mixed it up and instead of going with a traditional Pavlova I made a Pavlova Stack instead..

Julie is the Pavlova Queen, always making the perfect Pavlova. This is a recipe that I adapted from her recipe that she adapted from a recipe in ‘Delicious’ from goodness knows how long ago.


4 Egg whites
¾ cup castor sugar + 1 Tbs for cream
1 tsp Vanilla essence + 1 tsp for cream
1 tsp Corn flour (Corn starch)
1 tsp Vinegar
1 tsp baking powder (only for altitude)
½ litre (at least) Whipping cream
Fruit to decorate


Pre Heat Oven to 140C/ 120C fan forced.
prepare cookie pan with buttered baking paper.

Beat egg whites till they form very stiff peeks, then gradually add sugar, and beat until dissolved (not granulated between fingers)
fold in Vanilla essence cornflour, vinegar, and baking powder (if required).

spread mixture in circles onto pan.
cook for 40 mins or until browning occurs.

Whip cream and add sugar and vanilla.

Allow to cool completely and then stack them on top of each other with cream in the middle and on top, then randomly add fruit.

Personally I don’t think its a Pavlova without passionfruit pulp, but that might be just me.

In the Picture above I did double the recipe and made 3 circles stacked (approx. 3ocm Diameter)

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