Peppermint Meringues

Christmas baking has begun… First up are peppermint meringues, so easy and as a huge fan of peppermint such a Delight to make… Yes I did enjoy the leftover uncooked meringue mix.

All I use for meringue kisses is 1/3 cup caster sugar to every egg white, + a small pinch of cream of tarter. For this recipe I used 6 eggs, 2cups caster sugar 1 tsp cream of tarter and 1tsp peppermint extract. You can make the lines by painting the inside of your piping bag before filling. Then bake at 120C for approx 30 mins depending on the size of your meringues. They are done when they are hard to touch and come easily off your baking sheet.

🎄🎄Merry Christmas only a few days to go. 🎄🎄

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