Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

What an amazing Easter! I hope the Easter bunny visited you all.

Dark chocolate egg with white chocolate inner layer, chocolate ganache, hazelnut and popping candy filling.

Tempering Chocolate

Chop your chocolate into small pieces.
In a double boiler using a thin metal bowl melt ¾ of your chocolate and set  aside the remainder of the chocolate.  Heat the melted chocolate to 45˚C then remove from the heat and mix in the remainder of the chocolate.
once fully melted cool chocolate by placing bowl in a large bowl of ice until temperature lowers to 31˚C. re-heat chocolate over double boiler until temperature reaches 34˚C. Pour into moulds and allow to cool at room temperature.

It is important to not get any water or steam in the chocolate

Repeat this for the white chocolate once the shell is completely cool and hard

Ensure you have some dark chocolate set aside to help join the two egg halves together.


ratios for ganache depend on the thickness you want it to be when set. for this recipe I used 1/3 chocolate 2/3 cream as I wanted it to be softer.

Melt your preferred chocolate in a double boiler. once melted mix in cream and allow to cool in fridge.
Before Refrigerating I added my popping candy, you can add any flavours or candy bits at this point.

once the shell is set sprinkle some crushed nuts in the empty shell and fill with ganache, then sprinkle again with crushed nuts and some more popping candy. you will now need to join the egg together with chocolate, either dip one side into the chocolate or pour some chocolate into both sides and press together.

Happy Easter!! I hope its been amazing

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