Rosemary and Lemmon Sponge

A lovely afternoon tea deserves a lovely cake. With all my rosemary in flower and my never-ending wish to use flowers on a cake, it was the perfect match.
I love sponges because of how light they are, almost feels like your not eating cake at all…


6 eggs
150g caster sugar
50g corn flour
75g self-raining flour
2tsp lemmon zest
2tsp rosemary leaves

1/4 cup lemon juice
icing sugar ( about 1 cup)
rosemary leaves and flowers to decorate


Beat eggs until thick and creamy, gradually beat in sugar. beat until all the sugar is dissolved.
Blend Lemmon zest, and rosemary to form a past. beat this in with the eggs and sugar.
Fold in triply sifted flours.
pour into a lined 6″ round tin and bake at 180˚C for 30 mins ( or until risen, and it bounces back slowly when pressed on). Cool on a wire rack.

Add icing sugar to lemon juice slowly so the mix forms ribbons ( you may not need all the icing sugar).  Pour over cool cake and allow to drip over the edges.

Before icing sets sprinkle rosemary leaves and flowers over the cake.


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