Bacon Salted Caramels

Who doesn’t like home made caramels, and when you add salt, and bacon how could you resist.

This Christmas like every other I am giving away a selection of baked goods as gifts, and thought I should try something different for some of the boys (not that girls don’t like bacon or caramel). It just seemed a little bit more manly that meringues…

They really aren’t that difficult (or no more difficult that regular caramels)


500g fatty bacon
butter ( amounts depend on how much fat is in the bacon)
1/4 cup glucose syrup ( or corn syrup, or rice malt syrup)
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup double cream ( cream with at least 36% fat)
Flaked sea salt

Prepare your baking tin, ( line a square tin with baking paper, and spray with oil for extra security)

In a deep fry pan fry your bacon, and try and render off as much fat as possible.

This when my boyfriend Rick got home and was excited that we were having bacon for dinner… sorry no bacon for dinner

IMG_1165.JPGOnce its nice and crispy pour the fat into a 1/2 measuring cup, if your fat does not fill the cup add enough butter to make up the 1/2 cup. Pour bacon fat/butter into a saucepan, add fried bacon and cream, bring to a light simmer then turn off the heat and let the cream absorb the bacon flavour ( at least 10 mins).

Before you start to cook your sugar strain the bacon out of the cream mix and discard (or you can eat the creamy bacon if you wish).

In a high sided saucepan, add sugar, syrup and water and bring to a boil with the lid on (this helps prevent crystallisation). Once the mix is boiling remove the lid and continue to boil ( without stirring) until the mixture reaches 176˚C ( 350˚F) ( you may swirl the mix in the pan once it starts to brown).

Once the mix reaches 176˚C pour in your cream and stir. continue cooking and stirring until the caramel reaches 120˚C ( 248˚F). Then pour into your prepared tin.

Leave to cool for about 10 mins then sprinkle flaked salt all over the caramel. Allow to cool completely ( room temperature for at least 1hr) then place in the fridge for an hr to make it easier to cut into pieces.

Cut up your caramel and wrap each piece individually in baking paper. I find it best to store them in the fridge (mostly because they are hard and difficult to eat when stored in the fridge) but also because its summer here and I don’t want them to get too hot and melt.


Have fun and enjoy your salty bacon caramels xo

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