Gingerbread House Party

What a fun way to celebrate an early Christmas with friends.

This year once again I had my annual Gingerbread house party and it was so much fun.

All you need are some cooked gingerbread house blocks (you can use package gingerbread house kits if you don’t want to make the gingerbread), some cake boards, Royal icing, lots of lollies (All my guests bring different lollies) and a festive cocktail.

Per person you will need

1 baked (not constructed) gingerbread house
1 cake board
1 zip lock bag half filled with royal icing
lollies of their choosing.

I also make 1 bag of red, and 1 bag of green royal icing to use for decorating.

Set up and go for it.


For the festive cocktail

250g frozen raspberries
2 bottles of prosecco
1 big bunch of mint
¼ cup Lime cordial (lime syrup, or limechello)
Mix together all ingredients and allow to sit for 5 mins before serving.

For an extra special cocktail sugar the rim of your  glasses.

Some savoury snacks and Christmas carols are always a good idea.

Have fun and enjoy your gingerbread house making!

Can you guess whose house is whose?

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy holidays for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.
With love and best wishes for the new year.

Bridgette xo

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