Nans Christmas Pudding

So there are only 10 days to go and now is the time to have the pudding in the cupboard ready for Christmas…

It’s best to soak your fruit for at least a week, but if you haven’t started your pudding until now, over night is perfectly fine. In fact it is what Jamie Oliver says to do in his recipe…

Traditionally my Nan would make this every year and now the baton has been passed and the pudding is my responsibility. Quantities may look a bit odd in the ingredients, but this is because I have converted from pounds and ounces.


680g raisins

225g peel

115g slithered almonds

225g sultanas

225g currents

6TBS Sherry

1tsp mixed spice

1tsp nutmeg

285g unsalted butter

225g sugar

225g soft white bread crumbs

6 eggs

235g flour

236ml full cream milk


Soak fruit and peel in sherry for at least a week, anywhere up to a month is good.

Add all ingredients to a large bowl and stir until combined.

Wrap pudding in unbleached calico, a few layers of Muslim or pudding cloth and boil for 6 hrs (make sure pudding doesn’t tough the bottom of the pot.

Once cooked, hang pudding or sit in a strainer until dried completely, re wrap in new calico and store in a cool dry place until Christmas.

Tips for lighting your pudding

Choose an alcohol you like with at least 49% alcohol. We normally go with brandy.

Heat the alcohol the microwave or over the stove until warm you only need a shot (30ml) at most.

Make sure your alcohol is in a fire proof container and light it on fire. Carefully pour the burning alcohol over your pudding. If your a bit nervous you can just pour it around the base.

Have fun and have the camera ready!


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