Gingerbread Castle 2017

After many trials and tribulations this years gingerbread house (castle) is complete.

This year I decided on a castle just for fun. I looked at tones of pictures, and cut out what I thought to be the right size templates to build me castle out of gingerbread. After baking my gingerbread I quickly realised that my gingerbread stand was not going to be big enough for all my turrets and that I needed to reduce the size (not the easiest thing to do when the gingerbread is already cooked) but I starting cutting the pieces I could (repairing the ones I dropped in the process) and then started construction.

I used My gingerbread recipe which you can find here

This gingerbread is more of a Christmas spiced gingerbread than your typical gingerbread, it is darker in colour and not so peppery. But it will make you house smell amazing (at least until you eat it)

I suggest that for all your big pieces (to reduce the chance of sagging, or breaking) you coat the back with a thin layer of royal icing.

Normally I would decorate each piece before I construct my house (castle) but as this year I was just doing snow decorations I decided to decorate after. the benefit of decorating before is that you have so much more control, defiantly east to pipe down onto a flat surface that at a weird angle. you can always do your finishing touches once you have put your house together.


Have fun building, only 7 days to go.  Merry Christmas!

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